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In patton, montgomery, rommel, one of britains most accomplished military scholars presents an unprecedented study of the land war in the north african and european theaters, as well as their chief commandersthree men who also happened to be the most compelling dramatis personae of world war ii. Erwin johannes eugen rommel gained immortality in the north african campaign of 19411943. Patton, guderian, rommel three great tank commanders of wwii. This may be so, but at least this cannot be said of erwin rommel, who.

They are also two of the best brilliant minds and tacticians. Johannes erwin eugen rommel 15 november 1891 14 october 1944 was a german general and military theorist. It might even include, in patton s case, the correct cocktail to serve. First, the prewar lives and background of these two men will be dissected. Army officer who was an outstanding practitioner of mobile tank warfare in the european and mediterranean theatres during world war ii. Field marshal erwin rommels heroic opposition to hitler in 1944 cost him his life. Erwin rommel simple english wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Although they came from very different backgrounds, they had many common characteristics. And while many history books focus the attention to hitler and allied. Most of what was to be in the tank in attack can be found in the book the rommel papers, which is made from notes and diary entries by field marshal rommel during the africa campaign.

Patton is shown having read a book, the tank in attack, by his adversary, erwin rommel. It seems to me that it is useful to point out that patton, in his book outmaneuvering rommel, referring to rommel s book, infantry attacks or infanterie greift an, once said rommel. Patton 35 movie clip rommel, you magnificent bastard 1970. That being said, this is a good biography of the pair of them. Patton and montgomery wouldve lost only if rommel had the petroleum to fuel his army. In world war ii, he further distinguished himself as the commander of the 7th panzer division during. In tunisia, he outsmarted desert fox erwin rommel, who was considered germanys leading field marshall. Neither was wanting to read yet another biography of george patton andor erwin rommel. Infantry attacks by erwin rommel published in german in 1937. Patton and erwin rommel were two tacticians that fought against each other during some of the crucial battles during the world war ii. The book, patton and rommel men of war in the twentieth century by dennis e. Although faragos patton and irvings trail of the fox are both still good to read despite being.

His battlefield manner was authoritative, his courage proven in the trenches of world war i when he was awarded the blue max. Patton and erwin rommel were two tacticians that fought against each other. All suffered through two decades of peace, yearning for another war and continuing to impress those in command who could tolerate their egotism. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. I just have one complain with the book, and it is the absolutely lack of maps or. I will quote it below, but be warned it is a little out of context. He had carefully studied the early blitzkrieg campaigns against poland and france and shared the conviction of the wehrmacht commanders that that a war of movement short, sharp, and furious. Popularly known as the desert fox, he served as field marshal in the wehrmacht armed forces of nazi germany during world war ii, as well as serving in the reichswehr of the weimar republic, and the army of imperial germany rommel was a highly decorated officer in world war i and. In this intriguing, wellpaced tale of a journalistic coup, marshall, the first to discover the real events behind rommels death, tells how he learned the facts from rommels widow and delves into the great generals background and death. L ocated near the german border, the city of metz had a population of about 100,000 in 1944 and was an important transportation, communication and administrative center. Who would win a tank battle between george patton, erwin. Patton was among the many influential military leaders reported to have read infantry attacks. Patton usa vs general erwin rommel nazi germany battle of the legendary generals, all rounds are with ww2 technology and given 1 week of prep beforehand except for chess. Seventh army in the mediterranean theater of world war ii, and the u.

Seen as one of the most able commanders of the enemy forces during wwii, he was greatly known as the desert fox. Patton and erwin rommel became legendary heroes in world war ii. In the film of the same name patton declares to have read the rommel book. His key in linking patton and rommel is the notion of situational awareness, the fingertipfeeling that guided both men during their careers, covering everything from the coup doeil in battle to the correct way to handle subordinates and butter up superiors. The book clearly takes its place in the school of the allies won the war, but the. Scott and his men attack and annihilate rommels battalion of tanks and infantry during the tunisia campaign in africa.

The world war ii phase of the career of controversial american general george s. The erwin rommel book in question is most likely to be infantry. Those in the best position to judge rommels competence were his colleagues in the wehrmacht. November 11, 1885 december 21, 1945 was a general of the united states army who commanded the u. And while many history books focus the attention to hitler and allied presidents and country leaders, in reality, one of the biggest reasons for success or failure are the generals on the field. Both of them commanded brilliant, magnificent and impressive operations during the war. It might even include, in pattons case, the correct cocktail to serve. O f the allied world war ii generals, george patton may be considered the most german. Rommels was a brilliant strategist, even when outnumbered, using his enemys strength to their weakness. Next, the world war i contributions and exploits of rommel and patton will be compared and contrasted. In world war ii, in the battle of france, how was erwin rommels 7th panzer division able to. Which of these two preeminent proponents of armoured warfare would win in a battle. Patton vs rommel archive straight dope message board. Erwin rommel was a german field marshal during that same era.

Patton as a young lieutenant colonel in france in 1918, with an early french tank. Ii corps under lieutenant general george patton in southcentral tunisia. Third army in france and germany after the allied invasion of normandy in june 1944. The research is thorough, the quality of the writing superb.

They did not believe rommel had sufficient command potential to even merit attending the german general staff college, which, much like the us armys command and general staff college, was usually a prerequisite for elevation to general officer. General george patton interrogates a ss general, 1944. Patton 18851945, bernard montgomery 18871976 and erwin rommel 18911944 all served in world war i, impressed superiors and received severe wounds. The following pages will examine the life, views, and military history of german field marshall erwin rommel and fourstar general george s. My first reason was that i had seen that robert citino.

General patton vs field marshall rommel home facebook. Adolf hitler, erwin rommel, benito mussolini, george patton, joseph stalin paperback november 1, 2017 by hourly history author visit amazons hourly history page. The book panzer greift an was however never finished by rommel. This edit will also create new pages on giant bomb for. Showalter, was a very in depth look at the lives of george s. George patton, bernard montgomery and other top allied generals likewise expressed their respect for him, and rommel responded in kind. As a child, he was even tempered and was unremarkable academically and athletically. In some ways, patton was as oldfashioned a figure as the united states could produce. Metz had been overwhelmed by the german invasion of france in 1870 during the francoprussian war. Men of war in the twentieth century i picked this book up for a couple of odd reasons. George patton 18851945 after a distinguished tour of duty in ww i and the important appointment as superintendent od west point, patton was given command of the 2nd corp. Beware, you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki along with your edits.

The erwin rommel book in question is most likely to be infantry attacks, published in the middle of the 30s as infanterie greift an. Looking for good patton andor rommel biography wwii forums. Knights cross a life of field marshal erwin rommel by david fraser harpercollins 1994 patton a genius for war by carlo deste harpercollins 1995. His father, erwin rommel 186019 was a math teacher, and later a secondary school headmaster at aalen.

Showalter ranks as a scholar who has done them justice, making two complex men and a vast panorama of military history remarkably accessible for experts and lay readers alike. Who is responsible for making sure there are adequate supplies available for offensive operations if not the army commander. The only reason rommel lost was because commando supremo in rome was way too slow and an epic fail to send proper resources to rommels afrika corp. Fights in the southeastern carpathians, august 1917. Infanterie greift an is a classic book on military tactics written by erwin rommel about. One of the most distinguished american historians of wwii returns with an outstanding parallel biography of george patton and erwin rommel. British military historian terry brighton has written a biographical triptych of george patton, bernard montgomery and erwin rommel, three of world war iis most colorful commanders. I have only seen one mention by rommel in his own words speaking of patton, and even then he only speaks of him indirectly, in terms of the performance of pattons army. An eyewitness account of pattons interrogation of a ss general. Patton, montgomery, rommel by terry brighton kirkus. Erwin rommel was one of germans most popular generals during world war ii, however, after he was implicated in a plot to overthrow hitler, rommel took his life in 1944.

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